Susan Derry is not only by a million the best voice teacher I have ever had, she is the best person I have ever known. First of all, Susan has exponentially improved my singing ability, by sharing with me her extensive knowledge about the voice and acting and by teaching me to embrace myself as a performer and walk on stage with ease and confidence (all things I see her do when I watch her perform FYI) she knows precisely how to utilize the vocal folds in a healthy and beautiful way, and find the way to apply this to any of her students in the specific way they need. I wouldn’t be half the performer I am now if it weren’t for Susan’s coaching. Second, she is beyond kind, understanding and inspiring. Susan helps you to love and accept yourself partly because it makes you a better performer and partly because she genuinely cares so much about you. If your feeling upset or insecure, she will comfort you right away. Susan Derry is truly a gift to the world. -Ari Goodfriend