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I had amazing teachers who gave me the confidence to truly communicate through my singing and just BE ME; now it's my turn to pass that on to you!  I'm passionate about instilling a deep love for the performing arts in my students, and my greatest joy is to watch you come into your own as a performer.   


 Some of my amazing students...

Some of my amazing students...


Strong, flexible vocal technique allows performers to fully express themselves.    A beautiful voice isn't always interesting and it definitely isn't enough; clear and meaningful communication with that voice - beautiful or not! - is what moves an audience.  There is music in everyone; let's find yours!





Students are introduced to the world of performing and put on the path to a healthy, happy vocal or theater career. We'll work on appropriate repertoire that matches your stage of development, but also on music that challenges you. Singing, acting and movement are combined from the very beginning; without meaningful onstage communication, singing is just sound!

Discover how your instrument actually works - like the farmer and the cowman, science and singing should be friends! In addition to technical and emotional work of singing, students are guided in creating audition books, preparing resumes, and choosing suitable, well-­crafted material.

Because you're unique, my approach is unique to you. Technical and repertoire choices are specific to each student. Balance between flexibility and discipline is achieved through skill, craft and passion, instilling confidence and respect for the art form of performance.

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