College Auditions: Don't Panic; Prepare!

This page lists everything I can think of that will help, guide, illuminate, calm, etc., as students and families move through this process.  It's a work in progress so let me know if there are things you feel you need.


Do you need me to write a letter of recommendation or fill out a form?  Please get it to me AT LEAST three weeks before it is due!!!!!


The College Audition Blog: This blog, written by Matt Edwards, head of voice at Shenandoah University, is chock-full of vital, clear info that both students and parents need.

Mastering College Musical Theatre Auditions: read this post,  then buy their book.

I GOT IN! The Ultimate College Audition Guide For Acting And Musical Theater: another helpful book.


ArtsBridge: Consulting, workshops and summer programs.  Some clients have worked with them and might be willing to offer insight into their work.

Broadway Professionals Musical Theatre Coaching: Consulting, coachings. This company was started by a Broadway friend of mine who I admire; they aren't local but but have lots to offer.